Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

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January 30, 2019

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Want to grow your organic traffic by 2x?

You already know the key. Yes, SEO!

Now, all you need to know is how to follow the right SEO practices. As Google bots are getting more intelligent, you have to shape your SEO strategy accordingly. While SERPs are changing, it might not end to be really profitable for most of us. So, the need of the hour is to get familiar with the latest and topnotch SEO techniques that actually deliver great results. For more information please contact The Local Calgary Seo Company today

Here are the top 10 search engine optimization techniques for more organic traffic and higher ranking:

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1. Enhance User Experience and Website Design
Now, Google’s main goal is to catch the traffic and send it to the most relevant website. As Google picks credible, trustworthy, and updated websites, you need to put a great deal of focus on the design and user experience that your website has to offer.
It must not look outdated and untrustworthy. Otherwise, your bounce rate will be surprisingly high.
To improve user experience, focus on your website design. Does it use the right colors? Is there enough whitespace? Are the pages well-sorted? Does the content follow a consistent and great layout?
Look into all the crucial aspects of website design. That’s what shape an interactive interface and lets you offer a great user experience.
2. Produce Quality Content
Everyone can create content but producing high-quality content is what makes the difference. Now, you must be wondering what makes a quality content piece. Here’s all you need to know:
• Write Shorter Paragraphs. Your paragraph must not exceed 3 to 4 sentences. Shorter paragraphs are easy to read. Also, they help you structure your post.
• Include Headings and Subheadings. Headers and sub-headers give the reader a great idea of what you are going to talk about. Adding keywords to headers makes your content rank higher.
• Add Images and Infographics with Alt-text. Relevant images that cheer up the visitors or act as a good piece of information are important. Also, do not forget to add alt-text.
3. Use the Right Keywords
Now, a lot of people think that keywords have lost their significance. Well, the truth is Google has become smarter and now identifies the difference between keyword usage and keyword stuffing. So, if the websites that focused on keyword stuffing lost their ranks lately, it does not mean keywords are any less important.
Did you know that Google considers 5 to 7 words around a keyword to determine if it’s spammy? Now you do! Therefore, avoid stuffing keywords and produce engaging content.
4. Do Not Skip Link Building
Just like keywords, link building holds a significant place. Also, it is largely important for on-page SEO. When producing content, you might come across relevant articles and blog posts. You should pick the one you find most plausible for your content.
Later, you can insert them into your blog posts. Now, link building includes external links as well as internal links. You should not only link to other websites but also link back to relevant pages on your own website.
This retains the traffic and lets people spend more time on your site.
5. Focus on Voice Search Optimization
Voice search optimization has been around for quite a while, but with Siri and Alexa’s introduction, its importance has increased.
Today, around 25% of U.S. citizens use voice search to make their queries. By 2022, voice search queries are expected to reach 55%. With such a quick-growing pace, it is safe to say that voice search optimization is something Google does or will soon consider for SERPs ranking.
6. Design Mobile Friendly Website
While voice search is simply great to find quicker results, it is not very handy when it comes to conversions and making sales. For that, you need to make your website mobile-friendly.
As per recent statistics, more than half of the daily online purchases are made through smartphones. As Google has already adopted a mobile-first approach, you need to make sure your website follows up.
7. Produce the Right Length of Content
While most people do not acknowledge the significance of length, it actually plays a great role in optimization. There is no absolute or ideal length for a blog post. Therefore, when deciding the length of content, you need to keep the following factors in mind:
• The topic should be covered in its entirety, giving all the relevant and important information
• There must be enough backlinks i.e., at least 5 – 8
• People must get quick answers, so include bullets, summaries, charts, boxes, etc.calgary seo agency
This way, you can write a great blog post in 800 words as well as 2000+ words.
8. Focus on Technical SEO
Technical SEO needs special attention. There are a number of tools such as Botify, Deep Crawl, etc. that highlight technical problems for you. So, make sure you fix the broken links, use the right URLs, keep the slugs short, and use correct semantic markups.
If not, these have a poor effect on user experience and, in turn, your website performance.
9. Optimize Older Content
If you do not find time off your busy schedule, you should optimize older content on your website over the weekends.
Add new images, include alt-text, break content into shorter paragraphs, add the right links, update the information, and you are good to go! This makes your website fresher for search engine bots.
10. Measure Your Performance
While you are implementing all the crucial techniques, it is equally important to measure your performance. You must analyze if your new techniques and efforts are bringing any fruits. If yes, keep going. If not, find out what you are doing wrong and improve.
SEO tools such as Google Search Console, SpyFu, and Ahrefs, etc. offer amazing analysis reports.
So if you want to double your organic traffic, begin by enhancing the user experience, focus on great design and quality content, add a voice search option and make your website responsive.
As you look up for SEO techniques, a bunch of pages will appear. However, those mentioned above are the most comprehensive and latest SEO techniques for 2020. Start implementing, and you will observe a huge difference in a short time.
Happy SE-Optimizing!

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