Making Money Online – Is not that easy

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March 25, 2018
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January 30, 2019

Making Money Online – Is not that easy

Dennis Alexander asked:
We all heard about making money online. The question is how do you rely start making money online today. I am going to share with you on how you can start making money online without having a website, not knowing anything about web design, and not spending much money. That is right you do not have to have any knowledge of HTML code. All you have to know is how to type. There are hundreds of courses on the internet charging you hundreds of dollar for the information I am about to share with you. Do not spend any money on any online marketing tools until you read this.seo - internet marketing

The one way to take advantage of Google AdWords is to become affiliate. Affiliate marketing is where someone advertises for another website and in return that person receives commission for each sale their advertising brigs to that website. Here’s an example: Let’s say I want to sell Laptop Computers, but I don’t have a website and/or I don’t have any computers to sell. Well instead of starting a company, I can just find a company online which already sells computers and offers an affiliate program. Now that I have searched and found a company, I look at what they offer. Let’s say they are giving 10% commission on every sale I make. I decide to use that company and I set up my affiliate account with them and they give me a special URL (a web address that will let the company know that it was my advertising which gave them the sale), which I use in my advertisements. Now I make ad advertisement, and display it on Google. Whenever someone sees and clicks on my advertisement it will go to the company’s webpage. Let’s say that one hundred people clicked on my text advertisement and one of them buys a computer that cost $1,200. Because that person who bought the computer clicked on my advertisement that company will give me 10% of $1,200 which means that I made $120.00

Most online companies offer affiliate program. Companies like Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Max,, and many more, literally tens of thousands. There are also companies online which all they do is offer other online business a way to have an affiliate program. These affiliate Companies manage affiliate programs for thousands of online companies. This means that if you have an account with Affiliate Company (they are completely free), you can advertise for any of the thousands of companies that use them to manage their affiliate sales. If you want to, you can search Google for affiliate programs just to see how big online marketing currently is.

By using AdWords and high paying affiliate program you can start earning money today. The AdWords advertisements are Pay Per Click (PPC), which means that the owner of that advertisement pays Google every time someone clicks on their advertisement. The main reason for wanting to pay for traffic is because it is very very difficult to receive free traffic on Google. When you sign up for Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising your advertisement will be displayed almost immediately in Google’s search results (usually within 5 minutes). You can also decide which page you want your advertisements to be displayed on ( the first page receives more visitors than the other pages).Website design san antonio

It is very simple to start Google AdWords account. Go to and look toward the bottom of the page. You will see a link says “Advertising Programs”. Once you there, you should click on the link which says Google AdWords. After clicking “Click to Begin”, you will be taken to a couple of pages which will ask you how you want to set up your advertising group(s) with Google. Google will send you an email to the email address you specified which will contain a URL that you will need to go to in order to activate your account. After you go to that URL you can log into Google AdWords using your email address as your user name. Now that you have an account set up, you are ready to learn how to create a Campaign so you can begin making money online.

Here is how to create a AdWords campaign in Google. First off to create a new keyword campaign, click the link” Keyword-Targeted” campaign. You will be prompted to name your campaign. Your campaign name is what will be displayed on the first screen when you log into your Google AdWords account. Since you will most likely have several campaigns, when you name your campaign you will want to make sure it is unique name that will let you know exactly what you are advertising in that campaign. Next you will need to name your AdGroup. Remember, you will have several different AdGroups with one Campaign, so name it something that will help you know exactly what keywords are in that AdGroup. Next, you should choose the area(s) where you want your ads to appear. There are three different ways to choose where you want to advertise. You can choose to advertise by Countries and Territories, Regions and Cities, or Customized.

The most important thing you need in order to have a successful Google campaign is a text ad with a high CTR. Text Ads with a high CTR will increase your Quality Score which will increase your overall position.

Things You Should Know:

1. You are not required to have “http:” or “www” in your display URL.

2. Google will not let you capitalize all the letters in all your words, but they

will let you capitalize most of your words.

3. The website must not require additional software to load (example: it

cannot be a .pdf instead of .htm).

4. Back button must be able to go back to Google with one click.

5. You can’t have websites that mirror other websites that are advertised for

the same keyword (example: having the same pictures and text but using

a different web address). I know many affiliates do this, but I don’t know

how much Google enforces this rule.

6. The website you are advertising cannot have a pop up or pup under ad.

Another key to having a successful online business is making sure that every single person who is even the slightest bit interested in your product sees your advertisement. The best way to do this is by creating a very huge keyword list (thousands of keywords). Some products have many keywords, while others have very few. Usually the more keywords there are available for the product, the better. Not because it is searched more often, but also because most people who are also selling the same product will only select a few general keywords which may be very broad keywords.

When you bid on Google, you will not always pay the price you enter. The price you enter is the MCPC (Maximum Cost Per Click) you are willing to pay for that keyword. Google constantly updating the bids for the keywords in their search engine. For example if your MCPC is $0.15 and the advertiser in front of you is bidding $0.16 and the Ad one position behind you is bidding $0.05, you will only pay $0.06 per click, because there is no reason why you should have to pay $0.15 per click if you can get the same Ad position for $0.06 per click.

Google is a most searched search engine on the internet and with that they are consistently making update and improvement. If you are really serious about making money online or promotion you current business I will make a recommendation that will make you an absolute pro on AdWords. I’ve spend thousands trying to research best possible ways to market in the internet.

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